U.S. National Colors

All Flags made of Synthetic Fiber Silk, Hand-painted stars and lettering. Pole sleeve or pole ties per originals. Fringe, if appropriate. Cord and Tassels, Regimental Designation, Battle Honors and Sewn Stars Extra.
Special presentation colors and other non-categorized types of flags on quotation basis ONLY per your artwork.

Flags made with Natural fiber cotton bunting with sewn unit designation.
Fringe, if appropriate, Cord and Tassels, Battle Honors Extra.

United States National Colors
72x78 in.....Synthetic Silk Fiber Cloth................Quotation Basis Only
72x78 in......Natural Fiber Cotton Bunting........Quotation Basis Only
33,34 & 35 Stars (only), All Star Patterns and Colors.

United States National Colors with State Arms, Eagle or other device in canton. 72x78 in....Quotation Basis Only

United States Infantry Regimental Colors
72x78 in......Quotation Basis Only

United States Heavy Artillery Regimental Colors
72x78 in.........Quotation Basis Only

United States Cavalry Regimental Standard
27x41"...Quotation Basis Only

United States Cavalry or Light Artillery Guidon
Stars & Stripes Swallow Tail
Synthetic Fiber Silk 27x41"...Quotation Basis Only
Natural Fiber Cotton Bunting Quotation Basis Only

Red over White Swallow Tail
Synthetic Fiber Silk . . or
Natural Fiber Cotton Bunting
27x41" ....$97.00
Lettering & Fringe additional contact Flagmaker for quote.