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Historical Standards and Colors of the Armed Forces of the
Confederate States of America and the United States of America.
Flags from the
American Revolution - War of 1812 - Mexican War - Indian Wars

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Flags of the American Colonies Civil War / The American Revoltion of 1776
General Washington's Army - The Colonies Militia flags
The Kings Colors - The Kings Regimental Colors and
French - Hessian - Brunswicker - Prussian Flags

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Flags of the British & American War of 1812
United States Armed Forces Flags
National & Regimental Colors
British Colours Regimental & Kings Colours

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Flags of the Mexican - American War 1846 - 1848
Flags of the United States Armed Forces & State Volunteer Flags
Mexican Military Flags

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Flags of the War of Northern Aggression / American Civil War 1861-1865
Flags of the Confederate States Armed Forces
Flags of the United States Armed Forces
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Flags of the Indian Wars / Indian Scouts Flags / Peace Flags
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All flags are manufactured on commission only, custom made to the specifications of a particular flag. Whether they are special presentation flags or standard depot issued flags,
all flags are researched from the originals for design and detail.
Where the originals have been lost, we use documented written representation.